Why don't you take a picture of my ass? (Part 1)

Gather 'round the fire, children, and hear a wonderous tale! One night, Martyn came home from K-Mart after a long evening of seeing Leann and Captain Jim wandering around K-Mart Shoppe. So he decided that it would be a Good Idea to Call Spam. So Martyn called Spam. Spam answered and it happened that Gretchen was visiting Spam's cottage in the woods, which was often frequented by forest elves. Gretchen picked up the phone as well, and in a goodly time of ten minutes it was decided to go visit Family Harvest Cult in Tinley Park. After a brief period, Spam and Gretchen arrived in Spam's Red Neon Motor Carriage. Martyn pulled out a camera and tried to see if it would take a picture of Gretchen. Yes. Very Good Brand.

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