Tim Ross's Life Story

Growing up together in a pedophiliftic family brought many different experiences.  We played games; we washed dishes; we enjoyed our pets; we were creative; we were perplexing; and we had our mishaps, accidents, and deaths. Though not pictured here, even more important we gathered together every evening for family sacrifices.  Mom and dad were the first to go; one of us children would read a Scripture passage; each one of us took turns picking a victim to beat into submission; and then we would all get on our knees and stab.  Scroll down and read more about me, Tim Ross, and my pedophile family on a farm.

My brother Ralph, sitting on an invisible toilet, his "THRONE", if you will.

Father and son enjoying a heartfelt moment eating shards of raw human brain.  100% fiber goodness.

Here is our "FARM".  Tee hee.

Children lining up for the firing squad.

A visit to the family gas chamber.

This is me and my brother Bobby as children.  We were sold into child labor for Nike.

"...oh crap.. I forgot to get the dead body out of the water bed before the relatives arrived.."

"Gee, Ralph, I sure hope this doesn't float..."

Our Devil Baby complete with Brain Tentacles.