Spam contains fiber.

Fiber is good.

Spam can save our souls from destruction from the goats. Most goats don't like fiber. Goats prefer human hands, as well as sweaters. Fiber is an excellent source of dietary fiber. Everyone should eat fiber. But Spam is better. But Spam contains fiber, so it is almost as good as cheese. Spam is not only a food material, but it can be used for many other things too. Hats, cheese spread, wagon caulk, and you can even put it on your lampshade! All purpose Spam is Economic and deliciously so. Spam fascinates those around us because it is a portable meat-type loaf.

Yes, thats right, a loaf.

And yet, from a sociological standpoint, we live in constant fear of Spam. We name unwanted e-mail after it. We mock it with t-shirts and keychains and Spam Lite and Spam Turkey and also TREET(tm). HOW DARE YOU MOCK THE SPAM WITH THE TREET(tm). I NOW PRESENT (angrily in CAPS) LINKS FOR THE SPAM. August 10, 2007 - I have been a vegetarian for a year now. Sry, Hormel(tm).

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